Custom Signet Rings - UK

Who’s the best Bond?  Ketchup or brown sauce with your bacon buttie?  Where to wear your signet ring?  It seems some questions just may never be answered conclusively, but Van Buskirk Jewellery’s bespoke signet rings are one of our most popular lines, so we’re going to throw our hat into the ring anyway!

Let’s start with the original purpose of the signet ring: to seal a blob of molten wax in such a way as both to identify and authenticate a document – as well as to prove it has not been tampered with en route.  Ever watched Tywin Lannister send and receive orders on Game of Thrones?  That’s what we’re talking about.  So, stick the signet ring on the outside (little) finger of your non-writing hand for ease of access, and you’re all done.

Except… what with self-adhesive envelopes, glue, cellotape, signatures (courtesy of reliable pens), watermarks and what-not available so readily these days, there’s not so much call for embossing your crest in wax anymore.  Today, then, the signet ring is a matter of personal fashion.  You need only look at the staggering array of different styles available in any jeweller, or on any high street.  Yes, your club, class or fraternity might still bear its own personalised crest, but you’ll also see the use of diamonds, rubies and all manner of other gemstones in lieu.  There’s also great variation in materials: silver, yellow gold, rose gold, and even platinum are hugely popular at Van Buskirk Jewellery.

Ultimately, a signet ring is no longer ‘for’ anything, so the choice of where to wear it is just as personal as what its design should be, whether you prefer dogs to cats, Connery to Moore or Heinz to HP.  We advise you to wear your signet rings in whatever way makes you happy, and let others argue and advise until they’re blue in the face!

Oh, and for the record: Moore, ketchup and right-hand ring finger.


Signet Ring - Coat Of Arms

Coat Of Arms Signet Ring