Emerald cut diamond engagement ring platinum

Even the most well-loved jewellery can take accidental damage and end up in the jewellery hospital. Restoration work is a common request at Van Buskirk Jewellery. Here are five simple tips to help you look after your engagement ring:

1. Remove it when doing heavy-duty activities. We know: it’s gorgeous and you can’t stop looking at it, but if you’re washing up, playing sports, applying hand cream or at the beach, well that’s like the school of hard knocks for an engagement ring. It’ll last longer if you leave it behind.

2. Before home cleaning, check there’s no damage to the claws or gemstones; ever accidentally scrubbed a fresh cut? Your engagement ring doesn’t like it either.

3. Rings with diamonds, sapphires or rubies can be cleaned at home, but other gemstones can be easily damaged, so take rings with those to the pros.

4. Remove dirt with a soft toothbrush, fairy liquid and warm water, but be careful not to apply too much pressure: cleaning your engagement ring should be like cleaning a grazed knee: softly does it!

5. Nothing beats a professional clean. Sure, it’s free when it’s DIY, but take it to a jeweller when you get the chance – particularly in advance of special occasions, just as you might go to a spa rather than simply take a bath. If you want both your wedding and engagement rings to be beautifully sparkly on your wedding day, Van Buskirk Jewellery are happy to give your rings a pamper, contact us to book in a date.