Imagine your own unique piece of jewellery, created to your budget and style. We’re here to make it for you. We can guide and develop ideas or designs through to the finished piece, so your dream jewellery is built on the foundation of our expertise.

Bespoke jewellery can be created from scratch, or if you have an old piece of jewellery or gemstones you would like to rework, talk to us and we’ll plan how to reinvent it. Anything is possible, see everything from reinvented engagement and wedding rings to personalised pendants in our gallery.

Inherited jewellery


We love breathing new life into inherited jewellery, from our studio in The Goldsmiths’ Centre.

Don’t leave jewellery that is no longer worn but has sentimental value in your draws. They can be reinvented into future heirlooms that will be enjoyed once again.



Van Buskirk Jewellery create beautifully designed and handcrafted bespoke engagement and wedding rings for men and women. Wedding jewellery is one of the most precious purchases of your life and our aim is to ensure you enjoy the creation process and walk away with a piece you will treasure for a life time.

We work with all precious metals and gemstones. We create everything from Cushion cut diamond engagement rings, to bridal party gifts of personalised necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks. Once you have decided upon your designs we also offer traditional hand engraving on most wedding jewellery, a great way to remember your special date, or keep hold of a personal thought between you and your future spouse.

Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes, we often create unusually shaped wedding bands made to sit against unique engagement rings. When you wear something for a lifetime it is important it fits well and compliments the rest of your jewellery. 

We also embrace the opportunity to breath new life into vintage jewellery. We encourage you to reinvent heirlooms collecting dust in your drawers,  jewellery should be seen and enjoyed.


Whilst the original purpose of the signet ring: to seal a blob of molten wax to authenticate documents is long gone, the heritage and fashion remains.

Van Buskirk Jewellery have created many signet rings, from the everyday to hand carved master pieces. There is much debate over which finger they should be worn on, as long as you enjoy wearing it, we don’t think it matters!

Create your own bespoke signet ring or head to our shop to browse designs.